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1970 - 1979

Miss Tunarama Winner name in bold. Miss Charity Queen & Miss Pageant Queen in italics


Christine Dustan – Miss Hoppings
Christine Forest – Miss Tasman Hotel
Christine Lines – Miss Lions Club
Jeanette Starkey – Miss Rotary & Promo Commission

Marion Turnbull – Miss Safcol & Miss Charity Queen
Maxine Cummings – Miss Renwick Bros.
Rita Coffey – Miss Northern Hotel
Susan Bell – Miss Lincoln Hotel
Willie DeWit – Miss Hilton Hotel



Barbara Baird – Miss Tasman Hotel
Delores Smart – Miss Woolworths
Elizabeth Bell – Miss Lincoln Hotel
Jill Darling – Miss Holidayland

Lesley Sawyer – Miss Safcol
Marcella Cuhar – Miss Hilton Hotel
Marilyn Bowen – Miss RSL
Robyn Fraser – Miss D. Harcourts & Co & Pre-school/Kindergarten
Sandra Cowan – Miss Senior Citizens
Shirley Feuerherdt – Miss Tom The Cheap Grocers
Willy De Wit – Miss Rotary

1971_Anne Sawyer.jpg
1971_Town Parade.jpg


Anne Buddle – Miss Whalers Way
Gloria Hull – Miss Woolworths
Heather Dunbar – Miss Safcol
Heather Stringer – Miss RSL
Janice Paull – Miss Port Lincoln Promotions Assoc.

Kerry Hand – Miss Tasman Hotel Miss Charity Queen
Margaret Myers – Miss Apex
Sherolyn Mohler – Miss Hilton Hotel
Susanne Waterston – Miss Rotary
Suzanne Vivian – Miss Lincoln Hotel


Aileen Hull – Miss St. John Ambulance
Barbara Sluggett – Miss Safcol
Christine Redman – Miss Port Lincoln Promotions Assoc.
Christine Waterston – Miss Hilton Hotel
Elizabeth Kingdom – Miss Lincoln Hotel & Charity Queen R/Up
Hannelore Steen – Miss Holidayland

Lyn Chalmers – Miss Tasman Hotel & Charity Queen
Sue Chambers – Miss Rotary



Annette King – Miss Lincoln Hotel
Jeanine Proctor – Miss Safcol
Judy Hull – Miss Rotary
Julie Williams – Miss Port Lincoln Lions Club
Lee Anthony – Miss Port Lincoln Promotion Assoc.
Raelene Fuss – Miss Tasman Hotel


Angelika Feuersänger – Miss Safcol
Denise Edmonds – Miss Port Lincoln Promotion Assoc.

Karen McQuillan – Miss Lincoln Hotel Miss Charity Queen
Lee Anthony – Miss Millard Caravan Centre
Lynne Wheeler – Miss Rotary
Ruth Octoman – Miss Blacker Motors

Victoria Haas – Miss Tasman Hotel


Debbie Richards – Miss Tasman Sporting Club
Donna Holland – Miss Waybacks Football Club
Josine Cabooter – Miss Port Lincoln Promotion Assoc.

Judy Nayda – Miss Tasman Hotel
Kathy Orchard – Miss Whalers Way
Lyn Honeychurch – Miss Port Lincoln Surf Life Saving Club
Rosalind Cornish – Miss Lincoln South Butchers
Vicki King – Miss Safcol


Anne Marie Barnett – Miss Port Lincoln Promotion Assoc.
Denise Hazelgrove – Miss Boston Square Centre
Kerren Dennis – Miss Rotary
Sharon Aylesbury – Miss Tourist Office

Shayleen McGeever – Miss Geddes
Tania Hamnett – Miss Hang Gliding
Vicki Cawood – Miss Waybacks Football Club
Yvette King – Miss Port Lincoln Surf Life Saving Club​ - Pageant Queen


Debbie Burner – Miss Hartley Art Gallery
Debbie Errock – Miss Alulite
Deidre McDonald – Miss Young Liberals - Pageant Queen
Jackie Berry – Miss Tourist Office
Radmila Vukosavljevic – Miss Port Lincoln Promotion Assoc.
Robyn Cook – Miss Tasman Hotel


Elaine King
Helen Storey - Pageant Queen
Janet Hale
Josie Mudge
Kerren Dennis

Leanne Dennis - Miss Limani Motel
Leanne Charlton – Miss Coffin Bay
Louisa Preverin
Paula Glass

** We're missing information for 1979. If you can help, please contact us

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