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2018 Tunarama Brings $3M to Eyre Peninsula

The 2018 Tunarama Festival brought approximately 3 million dollars into the region for the 3-day event, including $1,234,910 in Port Lincoln and $1,280,100 to the Eyre Peninsula. This confirms that the economic benefit alone is substantial in stimulating business, growth, and employment opportunities across a broad spectrum of accommodation facilities, food and beverage outlets, tourism-based operators and many other affiliated business, suppliers, and contractors.

The Tunarama Festival is a showcase event for the region and its produce. Tunarama has always created a peak visitation rate, and a very good return visitation rate. The committee are now seeking to transform that visitation into more than a local regional experience, marketing itself more and more outside the region, attracting visitors from further afield with each successive year. The commitment from the board in implementing this international strategic marketing plan will hopefully further increasing tourism to the region and patronage to the festival.







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