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Bendigo Bank Commits to 3 year Naming Rights Sponsorship Deal for Tunarama Festival

Port Lincoln’s Community Bank, Bendigo Bank has committed to a 3 year sponsorship deal with Port Lincoln Tunarama Inc worth $105,000, showing its ongoing support for the Tunarama Festival.

The sponsorship funding will provide $35,000 per year over the next three years and Bendigo Bank will be the naming rights sponsor of the Festival which will be known as the Bendigo Bank Tunarama Festival. This is an important contribution to the Festival that costs on average $280,000 to put on each year. Port Lincoln Tunarama Inc is a not for profit organisation and committee rely on sponsorships and grants plus fundraising throughout the year to be able to present Tunarama as a free event to the community.

Last year Tunarama generated more than $3.2 million of new money for the region, highlighting its economic benefit to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

Bendigo Bank manager Phil Shannon said “From the bank’s point of view we see the Tunarama Festival has been operating for 58 years and we acknowledge that it is an important feature of the Port Lincoln community.”

Mr Channon said Tunarama was an event that filled Port Lincoln with visitors, giving many businesses the opportunity to capitalise on the increased numbers.

He said the bank supported three of the city’s biggest events, Tunarama, the Mortlock Shield and the Teakle Auto Sprint.

Tunarama Festival committee president Sharon Humenick said this sponsorship would enable the event to grow and prosper for the benefit of the community.

“It gives us stability and we know we’ve got this money for the next three years, and hopefully beyond and gives us the potential to grow,” Sharon said.

“We can also plan with confidence because we’ve got that sponsorship.

“We rely on sponsorship so we can keep this a free festival for the families of the Eyre Peninsula.”

Photo: Port Lincoln Times





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