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Results are listed in event alphabetical order. The competition results for each Festival run to many pages. If you'd like results from previous years, please contact the Tunarama office or go to our Contact page and submit the request form. We will happily send you a word document with any results that our archives hold. 

2020 Event Participation Results

Ambassador Quest Gala Awards        

Ambassador 2022: Karen Fiegert

Highest Fundraiser: Rachel Vella

Keg Roll  

Winner: Wandears                Runner Up: The Fellas 


Kids O-limp-ix  

Girls Sprint 15m - 3-5 yrs - Mahli Halliday  

Boys Sprint 15m - 3-5 yrs - Lincoln Cozzi  

Girls Sprint 25m - 6-7 yrs - Ayama Henning  

Boys Sprint 25m - 6-7 yrs - Nick Kobelt  

Girls Sprint 50m - 8-9 yrs - Sophie Gray  

Boys Sprint 50m - 8-9 yrs - Jake Hetzel  

Girls Sprint 75m - 10-11 yrs - Lani Cocks  

Boys Sprint 75m - 10-11 yrs - Edward Kutny  

Girls Sprint 100m - 12-13 yrs - Eimear Cochrane  

Boys Sprint 100m - 12-13 yrs -Jaxon Millard  


L'll Mr & L'll Miss

Miss Fairy 3-5yrs: Winner: Stacey    Runner Up: MariePeyton Gray   Third Place: Kahlia Rouch

Mr Cool 3-5 yrs: Winner: Clark Saler   Runner Up: Owen Povy   Third place: Manni Haywood

Miss Princess 6-9 yrs:  Winner: JenniferBaylee    Runner UP: Gorhall   Third place: Amiya Parthenis

Mr Sports 6-9 yrs:  Winner: Zeke Boswaell   Runner Up: Bradley Wright   Third place: Nate Naish

Miss Junior Tunarama 10 - 12 yrs: Winner: Jorja Povey   Runner Up: Ainsley Reane-Paul   Third place: Elke Thomas

Mr Junior Tunarama 10 - 12 yrs: Winner: Kester Jacobs   Runner Up: Zali Michell   Third place: Nicholas Currie


Prawn Peeling 

Winner: Brett Wheeler   Runner Up: Jenny Rutter 


Prawn Toss 

Girls: Winner: Lani Cocks 21.45m   Runner Up: Jessie Wilson 20.47m 

Boys: Winner: Ollie Wilkins 31.45m   Runner Up: Oakley Reidy 26.47m 


Sail Past/Blessing of the Fleet   

Best Dressed Vessel - Recreational - SpeakEasy  

Best Lit Vessel - Recreational - SpeakEasy  

Best Dressed Vessel - Commercial - Tacoma  

Best Lit Vessel - Commercial - Tacoma  


Sand Sculpture  

2 Children: Emma and Jess - Save the Bight  

4 Children: Message in a Bottle  

Family: The Crazy Cools - Shark Boat  

Open: Cookies  


Salmon Toss (Current Record: 29.60m)

Girls: Winner: Zoe Proude 18m   Runner Up: Taylah Lifner 13.55m 

Boys: Winner: Connor Stutzer 22.6m   Runner Up: James Callis 19.2m 


Slippery Pole 

Winner: Kobi Saunders   Runner Up: Hudson Saunders   Third Place: Ethan Cooke


Town Parade  

Best Overall Float: Aussie Engineering  

Best Community Float: Bendigo Bank/ PL Gymnastics Club  

Best Live Musical Float: Port Lincoln City Band  

Best Business Float: The Pantry  

Most Humorous: The Lincoln Hotel  

Best Novelty 1: MTC Dance  

Best Novelty 2: Lincoln Couth Football Club  

Best Novelty 3: Odettes School of Dance  

Best Clown 1: Overland Homes - Dogem Car & Unicycle  

Best Clown 2: Balloon Cartoons - Balloon Car  


Swim Thru 

Full Course: Winner: Grant Muller   Runner Up: Max Rogalski 

Short Course 500m: Winner: Lucas Blight   Runner Up: Simone Morgan 


Teen Tunarama

Winner: Charlee Watt  


Emergency Services Tug 'O' War  

Special Services Annual Trophy: SAPOL  


World Famous Tuna Toss 

Women: Winner: Althea Mackie 11.3m   Runner Up: Saraya Proude 8.6m 

Men: Winner: Timothy Heyes 24.7m   Runner Up: Lloyd Carr 17.6m 


Watermelon Eating

6-7yrs: Winner: Harrison Gray   Runner Up: Zach Wilson 

8-10yrs: Winner: Link Anderson   Runner Up: Eli Keane 

11-12yrs: Winner: Fletcher Jordison   Runner Up: Lucas Wheeler 

13-14yrs: Winner: Jarod Staunton   Runner Up: Taylor Linsell 

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Karen Fiegert
2021-2022 Ambassador

Karen Fiegert_edited_cropped.jpg

2022 Tunarama Quest results

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