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The Tunarama Ambassador Quest remains an integral part of every Tunarama Festival,
and has been since it's inception at our first Festival in 1962.

Ann Fuss, Miss Tunarama 1962


All 28 Miss Tunarama 1962 entrants.

1962 entrants.jpg

1962 Miss Tunarama

Ann Fuss entered the first Tunarama Quest in 1962 as ‘Miss Cummins Rural Youth’.

There were 28 entrants and Ann, aged just 17, was crowned ‘Miss Tunarama'.

Ann was thrown into the limelight, attending lunches, balls and dances - with a chaperone - to promote the Tunarama Festival throughout the state and enjoyed a holiday on Hayman Island as a prize. Ann also appeared in The Australian Women’s Weekly, a major accolade for the time.

Ann attended our 50th Festival Celebrations along with many other past entrants and will always be regarded as the icon that is the first Tunarama Ambassador.

Here is the list of all our Ambassadors. Click on the photo to be taken to more information

Sue Connell, 1963

Sue Connell 1963.jpg

Tricia Tuck, 1967

1967_Tricia Tuck.jpg

Lesley Sawyer, 1971

1971_Anne Sawyer.jpg

Victoria Haas, 1975

1975_Victoria Haas.jpg

Leanne Dennis, 1979

1979_Leanne Dennis.jpg

Marina Sarunic, 1983

1983_Marina Sarunic.jpg

Annette Fraser, 1987

1987_Annette Fraser.jpg

Abby King, 1991

2006_Abby King.jpg

Simone Pieterman, 1995

1995_Simone Pieterman.jpg
1999_Bridget North.jpg

Bridget North, 1999

Kylie Walker, 2003

2003_Kylie Walker.jpg

Kimberley Biles, 2007

2007_Kimberley Biles.jpg

Kylie Jericho, 2011

2011_Kylie Jericho.jpg

Lain Montgomery, 2015

2015_Laine Montgomery.jpg

Damien Burner, 2019

2019_Damien Burner.jpg

Rosemary Speed, 1964

Rosemary Speed 1964.jpg

Terri O'Dea, 1968


Anne Buddle, 1972


Judy Nayda, 1976

1976_Judy Naydy.jpg

Alison Mussolino, 1980


Andrea Medlin, 1984

1984_Andrea Medlin.jpg

Tracy Burgess, 1988

1988_Tracy Burgess.jpg

Tanya Workman, 1992

1992_Tanya Workman.jpg

Jo Mader, 1996

1996_Jo Mader.jpg

Renae Gale, 2000

2000_Renae Gale.png

Christine Sherry, 2004

2004_Christine Sherry.jpg

Alicia Shillabeer, 2008

2008_Alicia Shillabeer.jpg

Jessica Webb, 2012

2012_Jessica Webb.jpg

Kellie Williams, 2016

2016_Kellie Williams.jpg

Sue Agars, 1965


Anne Renwick, 1969

1969_Anne Renwick.jpg

Sue Chambers, 1973


Shaylene McGeever, 1977

1977_Shaylene McGiver.jpg

Lee-Anne Wajwoda, 1981

1981_Lee-Anne Wajwoda.jpg

Debbie Smith, 1985

1985_Debbis Smith.jpg

Tiffany Rehn, 1989

1989_Tiffany Rehn.jpg

Cherylynne Hancock, 1993

1993_Cherylynne Hancock.jpg

Emma Smith, 1997

1997_Emma Smith.jpg

Amber Atterton, 2001

2001_Amber Atterton.jpg

Shae Freeman, 2005

2005_Shae Freeman.jpg

Abby Chesher, 2009

2009_Gabby Chesher.jpg

Vittorio Dal Grande, 2013

2013_Vittoria Dal Grande.jpg

Heather Channon, 2017

2017_Heather Channon.jpg

Belinda Currie, 2020

Belinda_Winner photo.jpg

Frances Oswald, 1966

Frances Oswald, 1966.jpg

Anne Turnbull, 1970


Jeanine Proctor, 1974


Debbie Errock, 1978

1978_Debbie Errock.jpg

Dianne Carrison, 1982

1982_Dianne Carrison.jpg

Cherie Hewitt, 1986

1986_Cherie Hewitt.jpg

Tracy Dinnison, 1990

1990_Tracey Dinnison.jpg

Latisha Sleep, 1994

1994_Latisha Sleep.jpg

Rachael Blacker, 1998

1998_Rachel Blacker.jpg

Krista White, 2002

2002_Krista White.jpg

Abby King, 2006

2006_Abby King.jpg

Emily Rowe, 2010

2010_Emily Rowe.png

Sarah Fletcher, 2014

2014_Sarah Fletcher.jpg

Chantelle Lock, 2018

2018_Chantelle Lock.jpg
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