Tunarama Ambassador Quest

One of the longest running charity quests in Australia!

2020 Tunarama Ambassador Crowned ~ Congratulations Belinda Currie, Tunarama Ambassador 2020!! Belinda was sponsored by Mitre 10 Port Lincoln and raised funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Anthony Collins

My name is Anthony Collins and with the support of my sponsor Bridgestone Tyre Centre, Port Lincoln, it’s with great pleasure that I embark on this journey as an entrant in the 2016 Tunarama Ambassador Quest.

As Mr Bridgestone I would like to thank Maria Piantedosi for allowing myself to represent her business in what will be an exciting time for both of us over the next six months. Without her support behind me the quest would certainly not of been a possibility.

I was born in Port Lincoln and was raised alongside my two other brothers, mother and father.

Living here in Port Lincoln and on the Eyre Peninsula has been amazing. We are truly blessed with the natural wonders that surround us and in the kind nature of all the people that inhabit the area.

I attended my school years locally at Saint Joseph’s School which during the early stages I attended extracurricular activities such as soccer and cricket, neither of which my hand eye coordination was never that crash hot! To put it bluntly sports were not my forte at this point in my life.

In my early high school years a friend helped me stumble on a little unknown organisation under the name the Australian Navy Cadets. The work and effort that all cadet organisations- whether it be the navy, army or scouts, put into the youth of today is phenomenal. Not enough emphasis is placed on how much they help change lives through reinforcing respect, discipline and life skills.

After my school years finished I moved to Adelaide for a period of one and a half years. I was quick to move home after the hustle and bustle of city life became too much.

Quickly I became involved again with the local navy cadet unit, Training Ship Flinders, in the hope that I could help influence a positive change in today’s youth and be able to give back the support I had experienced as a teenager.

Soon after I arrived back home I acquired work at Bridgestone Tyre centre thus my automotive career began. However I still felt a lacking in purpose. A good friend directed me into the local Martial Arts Dojo, Reality PT & MMA, I was enthralled and dove into the disciplines of Mauy Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Zen Do Kai. All instructors and students make everyone feel so welcome.

Thriving off the never ending life lessons and growth I have experienced I now try to teach the lessons I learn in hope to better others and create a positive impact in their lives as well.

When the opportunity came about to run in to quest to raise money for the Leukaemia foundation I could not resist. Bridgestone and the Leukaemia Foundation have been affiliated for decades and in 2016 celebrate 30 years of a strong partnership. It was only fitting for such an occasion that I do my part not only for the milestone but to give something back to a such a worthy cause that has given so much to people around Australia and to the Eyre Peninsula as well.

It was never a ‘what if’ to me, and it won’t matter whether I get recognition for any work I put in, I am just so glad to be able to help others in any way shape or form. The quest has provided me with a means to do so.

Mikaela Sellen, the Leukaemia Foundation Representative for the Eyre Peninsula provides so much for the local families suffering with a blood born disease such as lymphoma and myelmoa.

I will do my best to represent both Bridgestone and the Leukaemia Foundation during the quest period, and well into the future.

Lastly, throughout the quest I wish to try and expose as many local charity groups and community organisations that may be unknown, so that others may become aware of the outlets we have available here in Port Lincoln.

If by doing this I help one person change their life around then my goal would be complete.

Thank you all. To the other entrants Kelli and Krystal, I look forward to the experiences we will share together.


Anthony Collins – (Sashing Night Speech)