Tunarama Ambassador Quest

One of the longest running charity quests in Australia!

2020 Tunarama Ambassador Crowned ~ Congratulations Belinda Currie, Tunarama Ambassador 2020!! Belinda was sponsored by Mitre 10 Port Lincoln and raised funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Desarae Clements

My name is Desarae Clements I am 24 years of age and I was born in Darwin. I moved to Port Lincoln with my mother and father when I was three months old.

I have four  brothers Ryan, Bobby Shane, Warren and Larsen and two Sisters Whitney and Iris and I am the third  eldest.

My father Warren Clements  is from Broome in WA and is a member of the Bardi people of One Arm Point on the Dampier Peninsula, my mother Maryanne Clements (nee Burgoyne) is from Port Lincoln and a member of the Kokatha / Mirning people.

Because of my fathers employment we have had the great opportunity to grow up and learn and experience different towns, cultures  and lifestyles. I have lived in urban townships, cities, remote towns and remote Aboriginal communities. Living in One Arm Point , Broome, Derby and  Marla Bore has given me a great appreciation of my heritage, culture and allowed me to grow as a person and appreciate what I have and where I come from.

I have three beautiful son’s, Michael (6 yoa), Charlie (4 yoa) and Steven three months old. All have been given Bardi bush names from their Nyumi’s and Gumminy’s (Grandparents) with the blessing of the Mardju (Senior law men))

My husband/partner is Shannon Sibosado who is also from the same Bardi tribe as my father and is from the remote Lombadina Community in the Kimberley’s.

I am currently employed  at PLAHS in Port Lincoln as a Par Legal working under my aunty Sharon Betts. It was through PLAHS that I was encouraged to put my hand up and nominate to enter the Tamarama Festival.

At first I was a bit hesitant and like most Indigenous people (shame) to accept the opportunity but with the support and encouragement from my Uncle’s, Harry Miller, Tony and Joe Burgoyne and Aunties Roxanne Miller, Barley Burgoyne and nanna Iris Burgoyne  I decided to take the plunge and have a go. I am also being  greatly supported and encouraged by my cousins Megan Burgoyne and Cassie, Yvette and Toni Lee Miller and Jenna and Belinda Richards who have assisted me by setting up a support and fund raising committee.

I also appreciate and am thankful for the enormous support and encouragement from my many extended family members and friends.

I was also greatly supported and encouraged by my mother Maryanne Clements (nee Burgoyne) who was also a Tuna Maid and represented Port Lincoln Aboriginal Organisation in 1981

By accepting this position I hope to raise funds for my chosen charity which is Diabetes. And make my people more aware of its effects and how they can treat the sickness.

Diabetes is also known as the silent death amongst the Indigenous population and is one of the biggest disease and sicknesses in Australians today especially with the Indigenous population who die more from Diabetes than heart attack, cancer and road accidents.

This opportunity I hope will give me more confidence in myself and develop as a stronger person and to other young indigenous or all young people to break the shame barrier and have a go and become role models for their peers.

My hobbies and interest are family BBQ’s fishing and camping and spending time with my mother and sisters and especially with my three boys.

My favourite food is anything my mum and uncle Chicky cooks as well as sea food, (oysters, mud crab, turtle, dugong, stingray, fish and trochus and pearl shell meat).

My favourite holiday place is One Arm Point Community and Gullun being with my nanna and pop and family.

Favourite sports are netball and touch rugby and watching AFL and Mallee Park.

My Inspirations in life are little sister Iris who was born with Spina Bifeda. When she was born we were told she would be paralysed from the waist down and possibly brain damaged. She has beaten all the odds and proven the doctors wrong showing enormous courage and will power by playing netball, swimming  and participating in the Para Olympics talent search in Perth in 2006.

The other person who inspires me is my nanna Iris Burgoyne. She put her life on hold to look after her mother and grow up and guide her many nephews and nieces and  grandchildren along with her own children and doing this all on a single pension and for a time living out of a one bedroom shed which still exists in Paringa Avenue. She also inspires me because without an education she had the conviction and courage to write a book about her life. The Mirning (We are the Whales).

My aspirations in life are to be a good mother and role model to my children and peers and  have healthy and long life and be able to see and hold my grandchildren and be as good a grandmother as is my mother and grandmothers are to me and my children.

I would also like to thank and show my appreciation to the business and family who  have supported me,

PLAHS (administration)

Mallee Park Football Club (Disco Night)

Shaun Burgoyne (Signed Guernsey for Raffle)

Graham Johncock (signed Guernsey for Raffle)

Port Lincoln Butchers (Meat Raffle)