Tunarama Ambassador Quest

One of the longest running charity quests in Australia!

2020 Tunarama Ambassador Crowned ~ Congratulations Belinda Currie, Tunarama Ambassador 2020!! Belinda was sponsored by Mitre 10 Port Lincoln and raised funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Ebonie Gardiner

Firstly I would like to take this time to thank Tunarama for allowing me this opportunity also I would like to thank my sponsors  Simon Grima, Diana Williams and all the staff of the Port Lincoln Hotel for allowing me to take part in tunarama, I would like to thank Luana Kraft from Palliative Care for accepting me to fundraise on their behalf and last but certainly not least I would like to thank my family for giving me the courage, support and strength to take this journey.

My dad inspired me to take part in Tunarama and I would like to give you all an understanding as to why.  My family relocated to Port Lincoln four and a half years ago so my dad could have serenity and be surrounded by the area that he loved, dad fell in love with Port Lincoln when I was around 10 years old while he was up here working on the roads.

My Dad was a small man in stature but a huge man in heart, my dad taught my brother and I many things in our lives but since his passing one thing sticks firmly in my mind, he would always say to us be strong in your convictions love life and always be loud and proud of who you are.

My Dad was a terminally ill man, he was a double leg amputee he lost one leg due to a work accident and the other leg to type 2 diabetes, he had heart, lung, liver and kidney disease which led to chronic renal failure, he had front lobal infant dementia and double incontinence towards the end, Dad also suffered two major stokes with too many mini stokes to count along the way. Dad had to take 27 tablets per day as well as injections of insulin and darbepoetin as well as fortnightly visits to the doctor and blood tests.

So as you can see my Dad needed a lot of care, my Mum took care of all this 24/7 for 5 years but in dads last 4 months the work load became too much for her and that’s where palliative care stepped in and was our families saviour.

Palliative care provided my dad with a hospital bed, a lifter to get him out of bed, a self help pole, medical supplies and ongoing support, with Palliative cares help my dad got his last wish to pass at home in an environment where he felt safe with the love and care of his family. So as you can see palliative care is a much needed service who continually work silently throughout our community bringing much needed assistance to many families. One thing I am very passionate about in my fundraising for palliative care is the need for more nurses to be trained specialising in this area. So my first goal is to raise the $9000 needed to educate nurses across the Eyre Peninsula, I would also like to make the community aware that the palliative care service is out there willing and available to help with all types of illnesses to keep a loved one out of the hospital and at home for as long as possible. If I can reach one family and make them aware of palliative care I have stayed true to my convictions, I have been loud and proud and got the message out there and I believe I have done my Dad proud.

In closing I would like to thank you all once again for supporting me and I wish all the other girls the very best as I know they are as passionate about their charities as I am about mine.

Ebonie Gardiner