Tunarama Ambassador Quest

One of the longest running charity quests in Australia!

2020 Tunarama Ambassador Crowned ~ Congratulations Belinda Currie, Tunarama Ambassador 2020!! Belinda was sponsored by Mitre 10 Port Lincoln and raised funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Isobel Morgan

My name is Isabel Morgan and I will be representing the Grand Tasman Hotel as a proud Tunarama ambassador entrant for 2015 and fund raising for the Royal Flying Doctors service.

I would like to start off by thanking some very important people who have made tonight (Sashing Night) possible for me.

Michael and Emma Griffiths from the Grand Tasman Hotel for being my sponsors and allowing me to represent the hotel for 2015, Hairworx Hair and beauty for going above and beyond to make tonight perfect for me.

Also, Beck at Chili Pink, a previous entrant who has been there whenever I needed her whether its fashion advice or just to lend an ear.


I was born in Port Lincoln and attended Port Lincoln high school however I did not finish my schooling there. I left during the start of year 12 to become a chef and along my yellow brick road I went.

After a few speed bumps I ended up at the Grand Tasman Hotel as an apprentice chef. I’ve been there now for a little over 18 months and have never been happier.

I have a great group of work mates and my family supports me through thick and thin. I’ve always been a little quirky but it really makes me who I am and I always try to have a positive outlook on life.

At the end of the day my job isn’t the easiest, but how many people can say there work is there passion.


I have come very far in my life however I would never have come this far without the support and love from my father. This is my reasoning behind entering the quest. When I was 15, the Royal Flying Doctor Service saved my father’s life. From there on in I’ve never appreciated my family so much.  The RFDS has affected me personally and the people close to me. Now as a young adult and with the amazing support of the Grand Tasman Hotel behind me, I have decided that it is time to give back.


I’m not sure how I could ever repay the RFDS for my father’s life, but I feel this is a great start, and that is why I am raising funds and awareness for the organisation. The importance of the RFDS tends to go unnoticed until you are directly affected by them. I don’t strive to just raise funds but also awareness.  Be aware of how important life is and how short it could be without the RFDS.  The funds we raise could just save you or someone you love one day.


Without Tunarama, this opportunity to raise funds and bring awareness to the community would not be possible.  I am proud to be a part of this tradition, and hope to gain a lot from this experience.

Thank you

Isobel Morgan Isobel Morgan Isobel Morgan