Tunarama Ambassador Quest

One of the longest running charity quests in Australia!

2020 Tunarama Ambassador Crowned ~ Congratulations Belinda Currie, Tunarama Ambassador 2020!! Belinda was sponsored by Mitre 10 Port Lincoln and raised funds for Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Kimberley Smith

My name is Kimberley smith, I am 18 yrs old and especially grateful for the opportunity I have been given to represent, and raise money for, Matthew Flinders Home Inc.

I have come to take pride in living in such a blessed community and am grateful for the chance to offer something back through the Tunarama Quest this year. With this opportunity I hope to encourage and increase interaction between residents and the community they live in while raising funds towards their care and quality of life; after being such important members of society they still have much to offer, as Children may be the future, but our future means nothing without our past.
I have already learnt a good deal from the quest so far; however I look forward to gaining skills in public speaking, becoming a fitting representative of Matthew Flinders’s Home and forming even closer relationships with the other entrants and the people of Pt. Lincoln.

Coming from many parts of Australia I was born with my parent’s love of our country, the two of them meeting as cook and bus driver with an outback touring company. Born in Queensland, we lived in Alice Springs before settling in Victoria’s Gippsland region.
We later moved to Mt. Hart station, a tourist resort in the middle of the remote Kimberley region in North Western Australia. Our pets were three wild, yet friendly dingoes named Stock, Casserole and the cheeky pup rattoutte who, if given the opportunity, would make lunch of personal possessions.
We attended “Kimberley School of the Air” via radio lessons and lived in a large aeroplane hangar attached to an old donger. Entertainment included riding motorbikes, canoeing, bush walking, reading and avoiding mosquito bites.
Across the red dirt plains of spinifex and boab trees, we found Fitzroy Crossing. A small town surrounded by aboriginal communities and their culture around 360km inland from Broome. Cherrabin and barramundi fishing, swimming with crocodiles, mud wars and ‘dart nights’ (otherwise known as fire brigade meetings) was what my siblings and I knew. We experienced some literally unbelievable sights in Fitzroy Crossing: rodeos, fires, monsoonal storms and flooding as well as goanna’s attempting to ingest our dog. The school was an experience in itself. Built on stilts due to being flood prone, it was subject to wild horses… snakes… and an occasional bull invasion which left teachers welding shovels and becoming amateur matadors.
Did I mention shoes weren’t mandatory?

Pt. Lincoln therefore was a vast contrast to everything I knew when I moved here roughly six years ago as a boarder at St. Joseph’s school. This town has such people, such opportunities…..and such charisma  that it was effortless to adjust to.
I soon found myself in school musicals and drama performances, the netball association, school SRC positions and in particular, participating in the community as a senior leader in 2006.

Good luck to each girl and their worthy charity, this year and the rest.
Thank you.