Results 2013

2013 Event Results

Event  Category Winner
Watermelon Eating Ages 6-8 Oscar Helliar
Ages 12-14 S Goodwin
Ages 9-11 Eli Eamons
BANK SA TUNA TOSS Female First Emily Nolan-12.25 mts- 1st
Female Second Jacqui Hockaday-11.00mts 2nd
Male First Tim Driesen-30.26 mts- 1st
Male Second Matt Staunton- 22.10 Mts- 2nd
KID OLYMPICS Infant Girl Sprint Isabella Townsend
Infant Boy Sprint David Csongi
Children 6-7 yrs Sprint Girl Kahsha Judge
Children 6-7 yrs   Sprint Boy
Junior 8-9 Yrs Sprint   Girl Aslee Cocks
Junior 8-9 Yrs Sprint   Boy Max Rogalski
Intermediate 10-11yrs   Sprint Girl
Intermediate 10-11yrs   Sprint Boy Troy Docking
Seniors 12-13yrs   Sprint Girl
Seniors 12-13yrs   Sprint Boy Brody Hansen
Junior 8-9yrs Sack   Race Boys Lauchie Green
Junior 8-9 Sack Race   Girls Evie Wright
Intermediate 10-11yrs   Sack Race Cooper Marshall
Seniors 12-13yrs Sack   Race Girl
Seniors 12-13yrs Sack Race Boy
SandCastle Competition Family Team Awsome-Jeff,Karen,Jock Carr
4 x Kids Diggers-Juliette,Annalise   Tresmelis,Narish,Yianni Parthanis
2x Kids Sandarooney/ R-bka   Ford-Annalise Baldwin
Beach Body Beach Bod 1st Coby Hage
Beach Bod 2nd Sarah Owen
Boardie 1st Cody Mason
Boardie 2nd Hayden Perry
Mega Musos   Battle
Port Lincoln’s Got Talent Overall Winner Madeleine Forrest
Best Musician Under 25 Nick & Tyson Pedro
Best Musician Over 25 Madeleine Forrest
Best Actor Josh Gobin
Best Dancer Emily Giadresco
People’s Choice Nick & Tyson Pedro
Prawn Toss Boys    1st Hamish Newman
Boys 2nd Cooper Marshall
Girl’s 1st Sarah Goodwin
Girl’s 2nd Zoe    Proude
KingFish Toss Girls 1st Demi Clements-10.15 mts
Girls 2nd Jaala Spithas-7,78   mts
Boys 1st Paris Sutton-15.56   mts
Boys 2nd Blake   Staunton-14.25mts
Tattoo Competition Best Small Colour Michael Murphy
Best Large Colour Lisa Dunning
Best Small Black and White Chantel Oakes
Best Large Black and White Lisa Dunning
Best Back Lisa Dunning
Best Sleeve Jason
Judges Choice Lisa Dunning
Keg Roll Womens 1st
Womens 2nd
Mens 1st
Mens 2nd
Mens 3rd
Mixed 2nd
Mixed 3rd
Prawn Peeling 1st Brett Wheeler
2nd Grace Lawton
Slippery Pole 1st Blake Staunton
2nd Riley Knott
3rd Zin South
Grand Slam Challenge Open    – Male
Masters – Female 1st
Masters – Female 2nd
Masters – Male 1st
Masters – Male 2nd
Plywood Boat Race Open Division -First Luke Orbons
Open Division -Second Edward Boxer
Family Division -First Kristin Ellis
Family Division -Second Jason Dorwood
Sail Past Best Dressed Day Vessel Tacoma
Best Lit Vessel Son of a Son
Fireworks   Draw Press the button Shikane White
PaddleBoard Open – Women Jacqui Hockaday
R-Up Porsha Calverly
Open    – Male Dave Cheyne
R -Up Shaun Ambrose
Pro Jacqui Hockaday
Master Women Erica Nicholls
R-Up Gertroot Supoff
Master Mens Andrew Dickie
R-Up Shane Smith
Grand Masters Noel Boxer
Grand R-Up Bazz Hockaday
Miss Fairy 1st Teah Giles
2nd Starr Pedersen
3rd Tiana Rose Wade
Mr Cool 1st Rylan Batholomew
2nd Harper Mcnab
3rd Brodie Cash
Miss Junior Tunarama 1st Annalise Carey
2nd Tia Pitt
3rd Zara Williams
Mr SuperHero 1st Jevan Ambrose
2nd Vxel Mason
3rd Ryan Dodd
Tunarama Teen Winner
Peoples Choice
Procession Best Business  Float Toy Box Community
Best Float Port Lincoln Muroto Exchange
Best Musical Float Robin Hood Sherwood   Forrest
Best Musical Equal Port Lincoln City   Band
Most Humorous Float Flintstones Flying Machine
Best Clown Kirton Point Primary
Best Novelty Mr. Eyre Travel
Best Bike Kirton Point Primary
Quest Ambassador Vittorio Dal Grande
Highest Fundraiser Shelly Fiegert
Pageant Personality Shelly Fiegert
Most Photogenic Vittorio Dal Grande
Congeniality Scarlett Lukin