Results 2015

2015 Event Results

Name & Result Name & Result Name & Result
Beach Bod Comp 1st 2nd
Female Tess Ford Paige Illiceus
Male Brendon Kruger Troy Hondow
Boat Building Comp & Race 1st 2nd 3rd
Open SS Sink Her Idea Wescomb/McGrath
Family The Sinker Only one entry for this category
Fireworks Starter – Child Georgia Robinson
Gala Awards
Ambassador Lain Montgomerie
Highest Fundraiser Lain Montgomerie
Most Photogenic Jessica Sims
Pageant Personality Jessica Sims
Telstra People Choice Jodie Bellchambers
SCA Media Internship Award Lain Montgomerie
Keg Roll Comp 1st 2nd 3rd
Team Scruff White Flame The Aviators
King Fish Toss Comp Finals 1st 2nd New Record: 22.84m
Girls Demi Clements – 12.82m Tascha Jord – 10.66m
Boys Eddie Konetschta – 18.48m Joel Edmondson – 12.20m
Kids Olympics 1st
Girls Sprint 15m – 3-5 yrs Lani Cocks
Boys Sprint 15m – 3-5 yrs Rylan Barthelomew
Girls Sprint 25m – 6-7 yrs Tayla Wilson
Boys Sprint 25m – 6-7 yrs Jacob Keenan
Girls Sprint 50m – 8-9 yrs Anna Tewano
Boys Sprint 50m – 8-9 yrs Toby Ralph
Girls Sprint 75m – 10-11 yrs Sachi Syme
Boys Sprint 75m – 10-11 yrs Connor Kennedy
Girls Sprint 100m – 12-13 yrs Tullia Sellen
Biys Sprint 100m – 12-13 yrs Gil Casanova
Sack Race 50m – 8-9 yrs Caleb Trinchini
Sack Race 45m – 10-11 yrs Lochie Green
L’ll Mr & L’ii Miss Comps 1st 2nd 3rd
Miss Fairy 3-5yrs Starly O’Hanlon Amani Schlink Neve Thomas
Mr Muscle 3-5 yrs Rylan Bartholomew Rylan Tonkin Joshua Taylor
Miss Princess 6-9 yrs Lulu Nicholls Ainsley Poole-Keane Aliki Kapnistis
Mr Cool 6-9 yrs Brazzik Stusser Kyuss Bates Seamus Clark
Miss Jnr Tunarama 10 – 12 yrs Mia Humphies Belinda Lunghe Rebekah Vonderwall
Mr Sports 10 – 12 yrs Baylee Stusser N/A N/A
Prawn Peeling 1st 2nd
  Todd Aderson Richard Webb
Prawn Toss  Comp 1st 2nd
Girls Holly Wilson – 15.9m Jakoda Skinn – 15.3m
Boys Bodee Manthorpe – 27.26m Eli Trinchini – 25.68m
Sail Past/Blessing of the Fleet
Best Dressed & Best Lit Vessel – Recreational Yacht PL 548S – Speakeasy
Best Dressed & Best Lit Vessel – Commercial Tacoma
Sand Sculpture Comp 1st
2 Children Sprigglets
4 Children Kirton
Family Icecream Dream
Open Keely’s Team
Slippery Pole Comp 1st 2nd 3rd
Kylie Hurrel Caleb McGrath Tommy Sheepers
Street Procession
Best Overall Float Life with out Barriers
Best Community Float Life with out Barriers
Best Musical Float Port Lincoln City Band
Best Business Kiddy Winks
Most Humorous Toybox
Kids Clown Extreme Kits and Paddles
Kids Bike Good Living Organics
Kids Novelty Miss Hotel Boston
People’s Choice Award Runaway Brides
Tuna Toss Comp 1st 2nd
Women Shanlle Staunton – 10.37m Jacqui Hockaday – 10.19m
Men Matt Staunton – 23.06m Adrian Hamond – 15.07m
Watermelon Eating Comp 1st
8-10yrs ?
11-12yrs ?
13-14yrs ?
Chalk Art Competition 1st 2nd 3rd
Nellie Jones (11yr Old) Gemima Rathjen Sam Rathjen
Teddy Bears Picnic
Prettiest Bear Jodie Pollard
Most Handsome Bear Hunter ?
Funniest Bear Simon Hennessy
Best Dance Moves Bear Tasma Grant
Huggiest Bear Mahlon Connor
Best Dressed Bear Milly McInerney
McDonalds Talent Search Finals 1st 2nd 3rd
Kate Laube Nick & Daisy Tascha Jordison
Business Window Display Competition 1st 2nd 3rd
EP Surf Sampson & Schultz Pharmacy Lincoln Lingerie
Photo Competition


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