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VanderAa Live at Tunarama

AUSTRALIAN BROTHERS VanderAa bring their Indie Tribal Roots music to the 2019 Tunarama Festival, live and free on the mainstage from 6pm Sunday 27th January.

Hot off a world tour and the Sold Out Falls Festival, VanderAa’s sound blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, didgeridoo, guitar, looping and vocals. You can feel the intention they breath into their words, the energy they move through their instruments and the connection they create with their audience.

The frequency of VanderAa is the frequency of brothers, sunshine and connection. Their latest record ‘Light Of Love’ written and recorded in Melbourne, evokes a sense of playfulness, dance and love.

“the world can always do with more love.” – Levi VanderAa

Enter your mind, body and soul, feel what moves you, feel the rhythm lift you up. Your senses are vibrating and your hair stands on end, your heart beats faster to the driving beat of the drums as the music washes over you. VanderAa begin with the music and end with the music, what lies in between is a story they love to share.

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