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Bendigo Bank World Famous Tuna Toss

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The undoubted highlight of the Festival is the world famous Tuna Toss competition. ‘Have a go’ at tossing a 10kg rubber tuna for your chance to win the Tuna Toss World Championship. Competitors travel from around the globe to see who can throw the fish the farthest.

There is a men's & women's competition with their own records.


The men's record has stood since 1998 and was set by Australia's dual Hammer Throw Commonwealth Games gold medalist Sean Carlin with a distance of 37.23 m. The women's record stands at 21.25m & is held by Brooke Krueger, 2006 Comm Games Hammer Throw Gold medallist.

History of the Tuna Toss 

From laborious task to iconic event, the World Championship Tuna Toss has become a highlight by all who visit the Tunarama festival. Started in 1980, the idea came from the observation that the main method of unloading overflowing fishing boats was a manual and very physically demanding task. From the decks of boats, men would haul these huge fish up onto the waiting trucks, testing their strength with every toss.

In search of a few hours work, locals would line up and attempt a simple test; throwing a tuna as far as they could. Those who threw the fish the furthest were awarded a days work. This soon became less about the day’s work and more about the pride and bragging rights that came with being the best thrower on any given day. See you in 2023!!

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